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Healthy Teeth

Anybody who has experienced toothache will tell you it is something best avoided.

We would all like to be able to eat what we choose and to be able to smile with confidence.

And of course, we would all like to keep our dental treatment costs as low as possible.

We often take for granted the work our teeth and mouths have to endure every day. And like all things that are used a lot, regular maintenance and attention is key.

Despite claims often made by toothpaste manufacturers, brushing our teeth twice a day, on its own, is not enough to keep our mouths healthy (in fact brushing incorrectly can do more damage than good).

Our aim

Our aim at Maidenbower Dental Practice is to provide our patients with all they need to keep their mouths in top condition.

  • Regular check-ups enable us to identify and treat problems whilst still small.
  • We can give advice and tips specific to you, to enable you to maintain your mouth to the highest standards
  • Our exams always include a check for signs of oral cancer, a condition that sadly is on the increase.
  • Range of treatments

Dental hygienist

For those who like to keep their teeth really clean, or have specific problems such as bleeding gums, gum disease or halitosis, our dental hygienist will provide deep and thorough cleaning and personalised advice on oral hygiene.

A dental hygienist plays an important role in dental health. Regular appointments with a dental hygienist have been shown drastically reduce the effects of gum disease, which itself has been linked to several medical conditions including arthritis, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and pregnancy complications.

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