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Teeth Whitening

Teeth can look discoloured over time for a variety of reasons and as you get older the effects of ageing can make teeth unsightly.

Non-invasive treatment

Teeth whitening is a very popular, safe, non invasive dental treatment, enabling a confident smile. Once done correctly and with proper maintenance, you will never have to undergo a full teeth whitening again.

With so many places to go for teeth whitening and cheap deals on offer, there is now a certain amount of scepticism around the effectiveness of teeth whitening.

Safe reliable & highly recommended

That’s why we use Optident’s White Dental Beauty whitening system as it offers safe, effective and reliable results.

Optident has long been recognised as a pioneer and innovator of teeth whitening products, and its latest treatments, offered through our clinic, not only achieve amazing results but are gentle enough for people with sensitive teeth.

“The White Dental Beauty whitening system delivers an unsurpassed accelerated bleaching action that is safe, effective and kind to the teeth.”

We have over 10 years’ experience of teeth whitening, so you are in safe hands with us.